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    are you asleep ?

    wunderblock Level 1

      The 2014.1 release is crippled with bugs making it almost impossible to deal with complex projects  When can we reasonably expect Adobe to iron out the Edge case ? Cheers.

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          RahulVerma Level 1

          Seriously , I am too fed up . Makes me feel that the idea of using Edge was altogether a disaster for me .

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            resdesign Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            OK, Rahul,

            This is not fast food!


            1- the team is working hard on getting the bugs resolved

            2- people are entitle to weekend off (remember that there are 24 time zones and you are probably in a different time zone)

            3- We appreciate some courtesy in this forum


            This being said, you should be able to work on your projects in the near future as all of us. In the mean time I am either using 2014.0.1 for projects that were already done and 2014.1 for new projects. There are still some issues for the new projects but bugs are being worked out as we speak.

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              RahulVerma Level 1

              I am sorry for being impatient and harsh.

              Actually I wasted 2 days (including half nights) just trying to figuring out solutions to numerous bugs . Many times I had to recreate projects from scratch, Then finally when I thought of switching back to earlier release, I realized it is incompatible to all the stuff I've created so far.Now I am eagerly waiting for a patch. Is their any approximate idea of the next release ?

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                resdesign Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                Well, I just think that we should treat people the way we want to be treated! At least it is my policy. This being said, Monday starts at a different time for all of us. I will see tomorrow what the progress in bug squashing is tomorrow.

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                  resdesign Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  BTW if you want you can have both version installed together.

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                    wunderblock Level 1

                    I get your points resdesign but Adobe is not, as far as I know, a philantropic organisation ! We too work hard and we pay for our tools. Why does Adobe feel urged to release an immature version supposed to get rid of previous bugs? No need to play the outraged virgin, nobody is being discourteous here !

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                      resdesign Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                      Interesting that you would said 'no one is being discourteous' after saying I 'play the outraged virgin!'

                      But, you are right! Adobe stuff is not cheap and it seems that the release had to coincide with MAX and was not ready. But that's my guess. I am not working for Adobe. I am just a volunteer though I have been awarded as a top contributor, and I, as all of us, am eagerly waiting for the next update.

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                        Vinod Menon@Adobe Adobe Employee

                        Hi wundeblock&RahulVerma,


                        As resdesign pointed out we are really working hard to address issues which have been reported on EA2014.1 (MAX Release). As you may be aware there are major changes made in the EA runtime (which is re-written) to make it independent of jquery and also to reduce the size of the runtime. Some of the issues that you are facing will be related to these changes in the product. We have logged bugs on the issues which have been reported in forum and will be addressing those ASAP. Request you to share with us the issues that you faced so that we can repro those on our side and get back to you soon.


                        Thanks for the support and for showing patience.


                        Vinod Menon

                        Edge Animate Team

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                          RahulVerma Level 1

                          Hi Vinod ...

                          So here is a list of some other issues that I have faced :


                          -> If we change the tag of any element inside stage from <div> to say <h1> , The element is no longer selectable. When we select the element now , there is no bounding box plus properties panel show blank values.


                          -> If we create a symbol, we are unable to add playback option to it in the main stage like play from , stop etc. Applying such playback action do show indicator on timeline but are not active as anyhow the symbol animation starts playing from 0 time.