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    I Can't Find Trapcode or Particular In My Drop Down Menu.

    incapsee Level 1

      I have AE CS6, and I've been trying to do an animated Intro for my video with particles and text.  I'm following a tutorial and the tutor right clicks and brings up menu, clicks on Effects, then Effects Controls, BUT, his list of items shows Trapcode underneath Utility on the list.  My list only goes as far as Utility, and there is no Trapcode to be found, therefore, I can't complete the project, because I need to click on Trapcode, which will bring up another member where I can then choose "Particular."


      I have been trying to figure it out for the longest and have finally concluded, it just isn't on my version of AE, but what sense does that make?


      I would really appreciate any help I can get.  Thanks.