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    The new Send Outlook plugin

    Imaginary Friend ds



      I've been a long time SendNow customer, back when it was a paid monthly service. with the exception of the file coming up before the content of the message (thank you for fixing that little quirk in the Outlook Send plugin) I LOVED SendNow for Outlook.


      From Outlook I could

           1) Dictate how long someone could download the file for (default 15 days)

           2) Get notification of when the file was downloaded

           3) Get blatantly asked if I wanted to send via outlook or sendnow any attached files.


      With Send

           1) I can't seem to locate this option or if it's even there

           2) This can't happen because by default Send for Outlook appears to all be public files, so the only way I can follow up on this is to log into Send online, which defeats the purpose of keeping it contained in Outlook.

           3) Subtly asks if I want to send with Send (little yes/no below the attachment line). I hate to think if I'm pushing a 10+MB file and forget to click that little thing. I can't even set it as a default option.


      I feel in order to move everything to Adobe Acrobat online Adobe has neglected a great deal of what made this service so great in the past, a service I was gladly and willingly spending much more than is offered now.


      It was rough waiting for the plugin to release, now that it has I'm greatly disappointed as it's apparent functionality that I loved is now gone, with the only barely redeeming feature is not confusing my clients when I send stuff with the download link first well above the content of my message.


      I would like to know if Adobe plans to address any of these issues with a (hopefully) soon patch of Send for Outlook.


      Thank you,


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          I echo Jon's thoughts and see them as must have.  In addition:

          1. If multiple files are attached there is no way to download all the files.  You have to access each link individually.  There should be a way to download all.
          2. Files sent tracking recorded the emails that files were sent to with SendNow - With Send you can only see that they were sent to a public link and how many times there were downloaded.
          3. If you try to use the Adobe Send Outlook Plugin. It inserts the links below your email signature which just looks hap-hazard and sloppy.
          4. It also lacks the message that re-assures the person that the files had been virus checked and how long the download available for (currently there is not restriction). 
          5. Let the recipient know their downloads were being monitored. 

          I would expect the read-only date: Novemeber 18, 2014 to be extended until there is feature parity.  Adobe Send: Transition FAQ

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            Imaginary Friend ds Level 1

            Excellent restatement.


            I do, however like that the link to download files is under the signature, as some people wouldn't even know there was a message below SendNow's download area... however like you said it's implementation is really poor and not as professional.


            I agree SendNow plugin should be made available again until there is feature parity.

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              Jonathan Herbach Adobe Employee



              Thank you for your feedback, I really appreciate it.


              Jon:  you’re correct that Adobe Send currently does not support automatic expiration of sent files. We can consider this for the future, but our data suggests that you’re probably in the minority of customers — most did not use this.


              There’s currently a limitation that prevents files being shared via public links from being included in the automatic tracking reports. We will consider adding this to our roadmap. Though if you are willing to send me a private message I would like to follow up with you by phone on your use case.


              We feel that our subtle experience asking if files should be sent via Send is actually an improvement, though we’ll consider adding an option to, by default, attach all files via Send.


              Yes, we intentionally chose for this release to have each individual file attached receive its own unique URL. We will consider in the future allowing multiple files to be packaged together in one URL, with one download all button — much like the web version of Send allows — in the future, if we see there is significant demand.


              Best regards.


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                Imaginary Friend ds Level 1

                Hello Jonathan,


                     Just sent you a PM with my phone number, looking forward to your call.


                     1) I can concede I'm probably in the minority, but it was a used feature by me.

                     2) I don't care if the emails I send out have public link or private links, to me it makes more sense for them to be private to the email sent to and have tracking attached to it.

                     3) By default going to Send sounds perfect, if anything I like the idea of what SendNow does, it goes to sendnow by default but always gives me the option of going to outlook should I choose

                     4) Would appreciate an all in one download link as well, but not as critical for me.

                     5) Would greatly appreciate the virus scan verification as well as something a little "more" for the download files below the signature to emphasize they are there now.


                Thank you,


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                  sendnowuser Level 1

                  Johnathan -


                  The following are really quite important to me:

                  1. Allowing the ability to set a size when Send should be used or provide an in your face prompt, otherwise just send the attachment.  Historically we set a 10 MB which worked great.

                  2. Can you not have some logic if multiple files are selected (added at one time they are sent as one URL - using Ctrl+ or Shift+)?  If this is not possible, I would much rather have them all uploaded as a single URL.

                  3.  From a security perspective, I would still like to be able to have the links expire.


                  I'm perfectly with the links being sent as private which would allow the tracking as well.

                  Can you provide some definition on the update mechanism, I see that you have an option within the plugin to check for new update.  Will this prompt for the install and will settings be kept?


                  Again not to harp on it, but I would hope that SendNow service is extended until the above are implemented.  I'm more than happy to have further conversations, if needed.



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                    Can someone tell me where I can get the outlook plugin for Adobe Send? I am reading about people using it but I can't seem to find it.  I appreciate the help. 

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                      Imaginary Friend ds Level 1



                      I PM'ed you on the 27th and haven't seen a response from you or received a call, I thought you wanted my feedback?

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                        sendnowuser Level 1

                        Bob and Jonathan,


                        Not to beat a dead horse here, but my items that I listed in reply 5 are still very crucial to the service being functional and those features were there with SendNow.  I would have loved for SendNow to be left active until there was feature parity.  Obviously that has not happened.  I would appreciate a timeline on if/when these could be expected.  Otherwise I will be forced to shop for another solution.