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    SharePoint Web Services

      My problem is as described in Topic Summary of this message. Why does SharePoint requires login credentials so that swf (build in Flex Builder 2) can consume data from SharePoint Web Services (example http://<site>/_vti_bin/Lists.asmx). It works fine when creating standard .NET windows form/ web application but not with Flex. I thought of security sandbox, so I placed crossdomain.xml that will allow ALL domains (*) but still, logon popup is there when running the swf. Anyone? :(
      Tnx in advance.

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          SharePoint by default uses Windows Kerberos authentication; if you are using WSS v3 then you can change this to Windows NTLM, Basic auth, forms auth, custom etc. SharePoint is a permissions based system and so it requires some kind of authentication (although you can allow anonymous access). Since the web services are providing access to the system; they need to adhere to this and in turn use the same authentication method. The .Net framework has built in facilities for handling these methods of authentication (hence it works and interoperates) - I have no idea whether the flash player supports Windows Kerberos/NTLM authentication and having had a post in this forum + asking around have yet to find out a definitive answer - however from observation thus far I believe it does handle it transparently (the best I found was this http://www.adobe.com/products/flex/whitepapers/pdfs/flashsecurity.pdf)... Anyway, my experiments on this have led me to believe that it is possible to communicate between flex and wss, though everything was installed on one server and so I have no idea whether it would work with a real world deployment. Unfortunately, at present I can't be much more help with this as I am figuring it out myself... but a few comments: don't use setCredentials or setRemoteCredentials (they have no effect other than preventing it from working in my experiments); and run flex app from Flex Builder (from filesystem) as it uses a lax sandbox that overcomes the crossdomain.xml constraint - you can worry about that later when you have got some data back.

          Hope this at least provides some insight for you to make progress.
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            Dzoker Level 1
            Hi Dominic and tnx for your quick response.
            However, I still can't make any further progress with this knowledge. I did also some googling and found out nothing that could help me.
            For observation, I do use only WSS 3.0 (not MOSS 2007) and I don't know if there is more capabilities in this question there. So if someone know, please tell. I also posted on Microsoft forum, so we'll see if I get lucky over there.
            I'll keep trying to find the solution, so this thread will be open as long as it is possible. I bet a lot people would like to find out.

            So long. ;)