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    Upgrading from 10 and use GoPro




      I am doing a lot of searching and looking but just need a little help.  I have right now Photoshop and Premier Elements 10.  I just got a new laptop with a lot better video card then my 4 year old one.  I was thinking of maybe getting 13.  I am just a average home user.  I am thinking the cloud might not be right for me. 


      In searching I remember an add about Adobe working a lot better with GoPro.  For Video 90% of it is from my GoPro.  I could not remember if the add was for Elements or if that was for the larger more professional suites.  In reading and seaching some where saying the new stabilizer feature in 13 does not work well with GoPro footage because of the format or ratio. 


      I am still a very novice at doing video.  I need a lot of practice.  I am not even going say I am half way good yet. I am wanting software that will help me learn more.  Version 10 was OK but I know I never used it to its full potential.  Found the menu a little clunky.  Working with GoPro video from my Hero 1080P just took a while to render even back then.  Now I have a GoPro 3+.  I am going to be shooting at 60fps I might want to slow video up for good shots.  I also want to make sure I can help correct that curvature (Fish Eye) you get in the video and pictures. 


      Before I put this investment in I want to make sure I am doing the right thing.  Thank you for any help with this.