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      Hi, I am trying to get my Flex 2 application to work / communicate with an XML File, which will act as a “dataProvider” for my application.

      I am using the <mx:XML> tag to link to / get my XML file. I am currently using an XML file that I have stored locally within my Flex application, and this works perfectly, e.g.:

      <mx:XML id="myXMLResults" source="data/myXMLFile.xml" />

      Now I want to change the source to an external source as its live and dynamic (the data results are always changing)… e.g.:

      <mx:XML id="resultsXML" source=" http://localhost/data/ myXMLFile.xml" />
      or even:
      <mx:XML id="resultsXML" source=" http://localhost/data/ myXMLFile.cfm" />


      This external XML file is in exactly the same format and structure as the previos (local) XML file that I was using, however, I am getting the following error:

      “Problem parsing external XML: http://localhost/data/ myXMLFile.xml – (line 18) Open quote is expected for attribute “rel”.”

      Can someone tell me how I can get data from this source and use it in my applcation???

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