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    How do I set the opacity/transparency of a text box

    LJW - Scott Memberg



      I am trying to make a simple applescript to make a "FPO" which will be transparent at 50%



      tell application "Adobe InDesign CC 2014"

        tell active document


        set FPOimage to make text frame with properties {geometric bounds:{".25", ".25", "1.5", "4.2"}}

        set contents of FPOimage to "FPO"

        tell paragraph 1 of FPOimage

        tell paragraphs to set justification to center align

        set point size to 125

        set applied font to "Arial Black"

        set font style of paragraph 1 to "Regular"

        end tell

        tell text frame preferences of FPOimage

        set vertical justification to center align

        set opacity to 50

        end tell


        end tell



      end tell

      BUT ITS NOT WORKING...help?