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    How can I read the images' path in the stored catalog?


      I'm really new to pluginu development and LR. I have a problem finding the right methods to execute my intentions.

      I'd like to get the real path(s) of the pictures in the catalog, so that my external plugin can use them for further processing.

      I know Lightroom stores the catalog in C:\Users\[user name]\Pictures\Lightroom\Lightroom 5 Catalog.lrcat. But I want to get the actual path to each .jpg inside that catalog and write that path into a simple file (e.g. .txt) from which my plugin can read the path and use the images chosen by the user in LR.

      Then my plugin stores the processed images with tags into a file which should be read by LR. I don't know if it's so easy. Maybe it must create an extra collection for the catalog?


      The thing is that the Lightroom 5 manual isn't really helpful. And it would be great if someone could help.