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    Lightroom has lost my photos and fouled up Bridge. Help!!

    Snofox42 Level 1

      (1) Today when I started up Lightroom I went to Library and discovered that none of my folders are listed. So I went under 'Import', and they are all there, but all of the folders are empty. I have not moved any folders, photos in over a year. How do I get my folders back?

      (2) Lightroom has fouled up Bridge. Now when I use Bridge, all of the photos are missing from their folders, and what I see is a Lightoom Icon for an .lrcat file. If I double click on that, the photos open and are displayed, but in LIGHTROOM! 


      So it's a double whammy. I can't use Bridge anymore to open my photos in Photoshop, and I can't use Lightroom anymore because it can't find any of my photos, but I can use Bridge to open Lightroom and display my files. What is going on?