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    I cannot import images from EXT HD


      UNtil yesterday, everything was fine. I am on a Mac. Running iOS 10.9.5 and LR version 5.5 (CR 8.5) 

      I have imported images from my card into Aperture and these images are stored on an external HD. I then bring the ones I wish to edot into LR

      When I try to bring them inot lr, the import process seems to go as always, but upon completion, i get a message saying 'some files cannot be written'. No Error code. Basically all files are not being written. The images are in Aperture. I can see and edit them there, but I cannot bring them from there into Lightroom as I have always done. I havemnt done anything to change my set up. SOmething has happened and I dont know what it is or what to do about it.

      I upgraded from LR4 online, so I no longer have a physical cd of the software.

      I would be very grateful for any help anyone can give me. Thank you