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    Disable scrolling via mouse wheel

      Here's my situation.

      I have a TextArea that is filled with text(more text than can be displayed). I have the scroll bars removed so that you can not scroll with them, but you can still scroll with a mouse wheel. How can I disable this? I've tried a number of things but nothing seems to be working.

      I'm thinking I need an event listener, and a function needs to be performed on ScrollEvent.SCROLL, but what would it be? TextArea doesn't have scrollPosition, so I can't do myTextArea.scrollPosition = 0; or something of that sort.

      If anyone has an idea of how to go about this, throw it up on the board, it'd be really appreciated.

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          phi2265 Level 1
          Here's something else I tried..

          public function wheelStop():void{
          myTextArea.addEventListener(MouseEvent.MOUSE_WHEEL, mouseWheelHandler);

          public function mouseWheelHandler(event:MouseEvent):void{

          and I called wheelStop() in the creationComplete function and also tried it in mouseWheel in the TextArea, neither worked..

          also tried myTextArea.addEventListener(ScrollEvent.SCROLL, mouseWheelHandler);
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            phi2265 Level 1
            As I couldn't find anything on this anywhere.. I'll post the solution I got from the FlexCoders yahoo group.

            import mx.controls.TextArea;

            public class newTextArea extends TextArea
            override protected function createChildren():void
            textField.mouseWheelEnabled = false;


            <mx:Application xmlns:mx=http://www.adobe.com...." xmlns:local="*" .... />
            <local:newTextArea ..... />

            provided by Alex Harui - blogs.adobe.com/aharui