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    HTML5 Canvas (in Flash CC) Button Functionality Faulty - Over, Down states do not work

    Alison Livingston Level 1

      I have searched and searched and I can't find a solution.


      In Flash CC, creating in an Actionscript 3.0 canvas, buttons work as expected. Up, Over, Down and Hit states produce desired results.


      I am creating an HTML5 animated webpage and none of the buttons work as expected. Here are the flaws:


      1 - There is no hand when a button is scrolled over. This is an issue because there are multiple objects on stage, only half of which are buttons. The user needs to be able to know which are clickable.

      2 - When I have an image on the Up state, all is well. But when I add an image on the Over state, it causes a loop. Up and over just loop in the preview and after I publish regardless of the cursor position and regardless of the browser type (FF, Chrome, IE).


      I have searched the web. A lot of people have this problem but no answers have surfaced. I don't particularly want to spend another 100 hours recreating in Edge Animate--which I am not as familiar with. Is there some code that might stop all the madness?