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    Playback differences in IE and Firefox, WHY?

      I have been working on a web site that I have just recently tested and noticed a wierd error:
      The playback appears fine in IE however in Firefox the scripted animated elements do ot apper correctly.

      Please visit the site in IE and Firefox:


      Then click on Herbarium Specimens and select any of the pictures. When the large image loads I have created a script that adds up the width of the image and the position of the image and also adds 15 pixels to it in order to position the text description fields accordingly.
      Viewing it on Windows XP in IE 6 works while in Firefox 2 it does not display the positioning correctly. Also in Firefox the included Fuse scripts does not work while in IE they display fine.

      Thank you for your help in advance, Attila

      I have attched the code for your review: