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    Help with scrolling thumbnail?

      I'm trying to complete a tutorial on the scrolling thumbail. It's suppose to be real simple just some buttons inside a movie clip named PANEL. On mouseover left or right of center the buttons are suppose to scroll left and right. unfortunately i've spent most of the afternoon checking and re checking my code. If any one could shed some light on my problem i would be very grateful! Here is what i have:

      panel.onRollOver = panelOver;

      function panelOver() {
      this.onEnterFrame = scrollPanel;
      delete this.onRollOver;

      var b = stroke.getBounds(_root);

      function scrollPanel() {
      if(_xmouse<b.xMin || _xmouse>b.xMax || _ymouse<b.yMin || _ymouse>b.yMax) {
      this.onRollOver = panelOver;
      delete this.onEnterFrame;

      var xdist = _xmouse - 275;

      panel._x += -xdist / 7;

      Also this tutorial i'm refering to is for Flash MX and i'm using Flash pro 8. Is this possibly causing the problem?