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    getURL issue on browser  "interactive" mode

      Hello all.
      I'm having a hard time to show a webpage back on the browser, after getURL is triggered to get it.

      The environment is the following: Nokia N95, S60 3rd Edition's web browser, Flash Lite 2.0.

      Opening the mobile browser, I have a XHTML page, with a link to a SWF. Upon clicking on it, the browser opens the Flash
      Lite SWF properly (in the browser context - as opposite to standalone - or more correctly even: " interactive mode")
      I'm seeing my very simple Flash application and I have a link in a getURL on a movieclip

      (see the code attached below)

      Now, I know page is being accessed by the mobile browser in the background - once i click the on the clip. However I can't see it because my Flash Lite app is still visible on the screen.
      How can I get to see the web page for which i called with getURL in Flash?

      Trying to come up with a solution, quitting the player by adding fscommand2("quit"); right after the getURL call, seems to immediately prevail as it actually closes the player, but doesn't open the page before.

      Does this means that it is not possible to click an object in flash lite and view a webpage, when the player has been loaded in browser context, rather than standalone?
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          imodejon Community Member
          have you tried the following added to your code?:

          myClip.onRelease = function(){
          getURL(" http://www.somepage.com", "_blank", "GET");
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            guedz Community Member
            Adding the target frame/window doesn't work.

            The window parameter is not specified for Flash Lite applications, because browsers on cell phones do not support multiple windows.
            you can see that on Adobe Live Docs here
            The method parameter - GET/POST - doesn't have relevance in trying to show the page under the environment I have setup, just for passing variables - I've tried it, nevertheless.
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              imodejon Community Member
              oh. guess it depends on the device. sometimes i need to use that for crazy japanese phones.
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                guedz Community Member
                A little update: I have found that S60 3rd Edition browser supports multiple windows. I have tested it and seen it working with simple XHTML webpages on diffferent windows.

                However I'm still not capable to load and see webpages on-the-fly, via Flash Lite, once I am in "interactive mode" (SWF accessed via a link on the S60 browser):
                Flash Lite will stay visual/on top, apart from the web page being loaded in the background by the S60 browser.

                Is this a Flash Lite 2 bug?
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                  I´ve experienced the same issue, as a workaround I did the following:

                  I used getURL already beforehand (in my case I used the getURL via setInterval in regular periods), in case I want to switch from the current swf to the desired html page I assigned the fscommand2 to a button, e.g.

                  option1.onPress = function(){
                  status = fscommand2("Quit");

                  It is just a workaround, as you have to know beforehand which URL you want to show. The other way round to call fscommand2("quit") via a timer does apparently not work.


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                    guedz Community Member
                    Thanks for your reply dietmar.
                    In my case I wish to have different links with different URLs.
                    Say like 3: one for homepage, other for favorites and a last one for user profile for example.
                    Whenever the user would push a distinct button, it should open a distinct URL.

                    In your solution you will still need to close using fscommand("Quit");
                    which represents another new click. The user should not need to think that he must close Flash in order to actually view the page that the browser has loaded in the background.

                    Someone, Adobe or Nokia should be responsible to handle this faulty behavior. But my first guess would be that it is a Flash Lite Bug.

                    Also I am not able to pass JavaScript commands via Flash Lite 2.0 getURL function, to the S60 3rd ed. browser. Note that this browser can handle window parameters like "_blank". I was able to simulate the behavior I wanted with XHTML and JavaScript. Unfortunately not with Flash Lite 2 and XHTML.