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    Ink pen works inconsistently

    Stephen Barrante Level 1

      Just got an iPad Air 2 and Ink & Slide, and have been playing around with the various Creative Cloud drawing apps...


      I've spent some time making sure that I was using the tools correctly, but have noticed, even with the most careful of application (keeping my palm off the iPad, fingers, etc...) that the Ink behaves rather inconsistently. Sometimes it just flat out stops drawing all together. First, is there a limit to the length of the line you can draw, e.g. if you are using the marker to fill in a shape, it suddenly just stops drawing any marker fill.


      I'm trying to use it like a real pen, sketching in, sometimes going back and forth over lines, working my paint / color from the markers into my sketch, and just starting to get frustrated that the pen "runs out of ink". In some cases I lift the pen to start drawing again, and nothing happens, I have to tap down a few times, or press harder (ODD for a virtual pen)... I was almost half inclined to shake the pen in my hand to get the "ink" down to the tip. LOL.


      Any thoughts, recommendations?


      Pen is being used fully charged, and similar behavior is experienced on Line, Sketch and Draw.

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