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    Color profile is causing crash on startup


      So whenever i try to startup Photoshop CC (I just managed to re-download it yesterday) it will first pop up with the error message "The monitor profile "LCD color management and conversion" appears to be defective, please rerun your monitor calibration software. I have done this several times now and it still does it. After that when it finally starts up, it then proceeds to give the error message "Photoshop CC 2014" has stopped working. I also set the color profiles to the "sRGB IEC616966-2.1" and it still happens.

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          D Fosse Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          The two are probably unrelated.


          The message about defective monitor profile usually means exactly what it says. What calibrator? If recalibrating still throws the same message, replacing the profile with sRGB is a temporary fix until you can figure out what's wrong with your calibrator (or get another one). You do this under Control Panel > Color Management > Devices.


          The crash could be anything, but most often it's the video driver. Update it from the GPU maker's website (not Windows Update).


          EDIT: Don't confuse the monitor profile with document profiles (many do). They serve different purposes and both need to be present and correct. Set monitor profile here: