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    Unable to delete a blank page

    CelestialPickles Level 1

      I'm using Livecycle Designer ES2 version 9. I have a 14 page form, most of it set to Flow. Somehow there's an extra blank page (pg. #10) that I cannot do anything with: if i add an object it puts it on the last page (14) and I'm unable to move it back onto page 10. I can't delete it b/c it says it's a Master Page, of which there is only one. When clicking on the page, it takes me to "Master Page > Page1" in the heirarchy.

      I have no idea what I did to make it appear. Short of having to start the form over from scratch, not my ideal solution, I'm at a loss.


      It's probably something stupid on my part which then hopefully means it's an easy fix!