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    how to restore info from an array and use it?



      I need some help with this Christmas animation.


      1- User selects a language (btn_Esp, btn_Eng, btn_Ita, ...)


      2- The movie starts and displays a greeting message in the middle of the animation. The animation is the same for all languages, only changes the language of the greeting text (I have a symbol for each greeting message in my library). In the example they are: esp, eng, ita symbols.


      The problem:

      I need to store the language selected in a variable (lang) and then retrieve it to display the proper greeting text.

      All my animation is in a symbol timeline call "navidad" where I included a label call "mensaje" (I need to display the text symbol in that point).


      I use sym.createChildSymbol but doesn´t work. Any ideas?


      Sample file in WeTransfer: http://we.tl/MDGHWBk1wK


      thanks a lot!