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    Ilustrations being modified in FrameMaker to Robohelp output

    SuzieC2014 Level 1

      Hello all,

      I noticed a problem in the FrameMaker to Robohelp conversion output. I am using TCS, Framemaker project linked to Robohelp. Outputs are EPUB and Webhelp. My issue exists in both EPUB and Webhelp output.


      Some of my source images are in EPS and in AI format, as these formats print nicely in PDF. Some of the illustrations include dashed lines. When I convert the projects, in the Robohelp output, the dashed lines are replaced by solid lines. I contacted support and their response is: Ai, SVG and EPS file format is not supported with Robohelp

      This puts a damper on the concept of "single-sourcing" since I'm finding I have to make more and more manual tweaks to my source...


      Has anyone run into this? Did you find a solution? I'm not an expert in Illustrations, so kind of stuck here.


      I can convert these images to JPG or PNG, but such text based images don't look good in PDF in these formats. (the text is not sharp)


      Any ideas? Since I own TCS 4, would I be able to contact support for AI and ask them to help me with finding appropriate AI conversion settings so that my JPG and PNG images (converted from AI and AI EPS) look good in print?



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          Jeff_Coatsworth Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Couple of things – in the Conversion Settings screen are you having RH use Distiller to process the images? If you aren’t try that & see what the result is like. If you are, turn it off & see what happens. Your other alternative is to generate PDFs of the images and include them by reference in the FM source (conditionalized of course so that they only end up in your RH output) & conditionalize your original images for PDF output only.