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    drop down menu issues - "you are here" indicator disappears, and other concerns


      Hi! Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Link to one of my pages (all of which are still work in progress): Organize


      I've been working to make a drop down menu in DW CC for days and have a lot of problems that still need resolution:

      1) I want the pages to clearly indicate "you are here" but can't get the color change or text pop-up to stay put on the secondary pages, nor does the background color work properly. It used to but somewhere along the line I managed to screw it up.


      2) The inline list is backwards! The order of the top-level nav, as is listed in the code, should be: Organize - Preserve - Disseminate - About Me.


      3) The top level navigation links aren't working. I think this has to do with my nesting structure between my local files and remote server, as I had a problem with that for another recent assignment.


      Thanks in advance!