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    CC App shows LR5 not installed even though it's installed and working

    Julie McLeod Level 1

      I subscribe to the Photography CC Plan and I went to the CC App today looking for the LR 5.7.1 update.  The CC App showed LR5 as being up to date even though LR5 shows its version as 5.7.  I quit the CC App to see if that would force it to show the update but when I launched the CC app again, LR5 was no longer shown as installed but was listed under Find New Apps.  LR5 is most definitely installed and working and I know it's the CC version (rather than the perpetual license ) because it shows the LR Mobile sync features: 


      Untitled.jpgUntitled 2-1.jpg

      What's going on here?  I have tried quitting the CC App and signing in/out of my Adobe account.