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    Brushes in Photoshop will Resize once then not resize unless I click another tool then back to the Brushes (MAC)


      Hello Community,

      I am an artist and am trying to get into the digital side of Photoshop. I have been teaching myself painting with the Intuos 5 Touch tablet. I am using Photoshop 6 and everything works great. The only problem is when I use the brush tool, then resize using the "   [   ]   " bracket tools or the circle pad on the Intuos 5 I can still paint but the brush size is stuck until I select another tool, then select the brush tool again. Then I have one chance to resize it and it is stuck again. When the Intuos is not plugged in and I am using a mouse it works perfectly fine. I also tried out my fathers Intuos (not 5) and the same problem occurred. From reading a bunch of forums and finding no help, I have come to the conclusion that there is a glitch in Photoshop CS6 instead of it being the tablet, but I could be wrong. That is why I decided to post here. I know the problem is not huge but when you are a digital artist and you have to move quickly, having constant access to resizing brushes is much needed. Thanks for reading. Hope somebody can help.