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    Why has my Develop Module has been disabled?


      I have just uploaded some photos and find everything works except the develop module which has been disabled.

      It says "Please renew your membership to reactivate the Develop module".

      There are no instructions on how to do this or explanation.

      I purchased LR5 in July 2014 and am totally unaware of a Membership arrangement.

      Please can anyone explain this and what I have to do?

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          JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          When you updated this the last time you did so using the creative cloud version of Lightroom. The Lightroom program itself is identical. However it is licensed differently and will not work properly if you don't have a creative cloud subscription. It will be necessary for you to uninstall Lightroom, and then download and install from here:

          Product updates

          You will not lose any of your work because the uninstall process does not remove your catalog and other user files that are required. After you install the proper version, everything should function properly.

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            jamoroki Level 1

            Hi Jim


            Sorry to interrupt your Christmas but thanks a lot for your help.


            It was a bit of a shock when it happened.


            July 22 this year (5 months) was the first time I purchased LR and I didn't know about CC then and I don't use it.


            I have followed your instructions and lo and behold it worked perfectly. Even all my plug-ins are still there.


            Let's hope it keeps working!!!


            Enjoy the rest of your holiday and have a Happy New Year.