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    Vertical Parallax in Nov updated Edge An


      I recently updated my edge animate and now I cannot seem to use any tutorial I find online for vertical scrolling.

      I tried using the parallax action with edge commons. I even took into account the loss of jQuery and called my scrips as both animate and commons suggested to do. No luck.


      Earlier this year I created a similar animation that had a horizontal scroll. I used a scroll action on the stage. I tried using this code tweaked to a vertical scroll instead. my background scrolls up but none of my animations will work. Sigh .....


      Has anyone had any luck out there since the updates this fall?


      My current code (attached to a scroll action on the stage) is as follows:


      // Map scroll position to timeline position


          var animationHeight = 1000;

          var stageHeight = sym.$("Stage").height();

           var scrollPos = sym.$("Stage").scrollTop();

          var duration = sym.getDuration();

          var percent = scrollPos / (animationHeight - stageHeight);

          var time = duration * percent;


          // Update timeline