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    [Scripting] Panel focus instead of document after hitting a panel button

    efreet_cs Level 1

      Hello !


      i'm programming an extension but i'm not able to resolve a problem :

      When i click on a panel button, i lost the document focus.

      For exemple :

      If I create an extension with one button to make a new layer... It will do the job, and just after, if you want to select with shorcuts the brush tool (B), or clone / stamp (J/S) or you want to adjust opacity of your tool (Enter + numbers), shortcuts doesn't works... It seems that the panel still get the focus and keyboard shortcuts are not working.
      If i want the focus back to the document (and unable shortcuts), i must do "alt+tab" to change programs and come back to photoshop, or i must zoom in and out in the document, or i must make a click in the document etc...



      How to let the document have the focus when i run a script with a panel extension ?


      Thanks in advance !






      When i do in the main.js :



      the extension is closed and shortcuts are working. So i think it's a focus panel problem ?