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    Latest Version 11.0.10 - RunOnce Entry for Speed Launcher

    dprout69 Level 1

      1) Pretty stupid that the only way I can submit a bug report on a problem with your software is to sign up for this forum and 50 clicks later post a topic which may or may not be reviewed by Adobe.


      2) Just downloaded the latest version and on two computers, Speed Launcher is adding a HKCU RunOnce entry over and over again and assigning a random number to it.  This is then of course alerting WinPatrol who is monitoring new startup programs and flags it every time I reboot.  Looks to be an error and not intentional design because a.) it shouldn't be in RunOnce if it's meant to be there and b.) the details aren't correctly populated such as publisher name etc.


      So is this a bug or new design... if it's new design, how do I shut it off because I don't need a random number popping into my registry every time I reboot