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    Problem of folder sync in Lightroom 5.7...


      On lightroom 5.7 when I synchronize my Pictures folder, it says I have 1 new picture to import. But when the import dialog open, it can't find any new picture... So, how can I get rid of that picture that doesn't show up ? I'm running on MAC.


      Thanks !

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          ssprengel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          I’m thinking the initial count of new photos shown in the Synchronize results box is just a simple difference in number of image files in each folder in LR compared to the number in the disk folders, but when you have the Import grid shown as part of the next step, or if you skip that step, and go direct to the Import, that LR will do a more careful match between photos in the folders and photos in LR, a match that looks at the file contents, that detects this initially extra photo as a duplicate of something already in LR so doesn’t allow it to be imported.


          In other words, one scenario that would fit what you’ve described is a duplicate photo in or under the Pictures folder.

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            Geoff the kiwi Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            Maybe it is a jpeg associated with a raw file

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              areohbee Level 6

              There are probably as many ways to figure out what's going on as there are people trying to figure it (ok, maybe less), but here is what I would do:


              * Make sure "Treat JPEGs and RAWs separately" is checked in Lr preferences (general tab - import option).

              * Run the script titled "Choose files via OS and select in Lr or add to catalog" - free, by me, available here:

              o robcole.com - MiscLrScripts

              * Select all files in folder (or just select the folder).

              * Choose options:

              o Add to catalog (if not already present)

              o Select only if newly imported


              When finished, the files that Lr would not import will be imported (if importable) and selected, at which point you can decide whether to delete or keep...



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                seb_pro Level 1

                Thanks for all your answers ! But I just found what ws my mistake... I had one picture in my photobooth library that couldn't be imported in Lr... Still Lr was able to recognize it... I deleted the picture in Photobooth and now it's ok !


                Thanks again !