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    File handling in Lightroom is pretty, terribly, awful?


      The current workflow in terms of importing and mostly- organising your catalog/files is pretty damn painful as I find it. Is it just me, or are others running into similar issues?


      First, let me state that I'm really fond of the develop features of Lightroom, and have been using the programme since version 1.

      Lately however, I'm running into seriously annoying situations using Lightroom:


      - Importing/moving duplicate filename errors:  I managed to actually lose photographs because of trying to import a catalog maintained by a colleague that used different import and photo enumeration (camera) settings. This is something I hoped Lightroom would gracefully manage in the background; in this example his camera reset his count on card format. As he used date based folder import he evaded filename conflicts because all identically named photos resided in separate folders by default. However, when converting that folder/file structure to mine, which has one file folder per project/shoot resulted in thousands and thousands of file name conflicts. This simply baffled me. I had to go through tons of hoops in order for Lightroom to allow for two similarly named photographs to exist in the same folder. Not only would Lightroom not identify and warn that though the files were named the same, these photographs were NOT identical, it would then simply give a list of 'errors' caused by the duplicate names and leave it at that. Why on earth would Lightroom not offer to rename the 'conflicting' files? Or even better, offer the possibility create unique filenames upon import?

      What do you reckon the OS thinks when multiple files with the same name gets put in the trashcan? Right... Try and undo that one!


      - Can't copy:  Hmmm? Can we not imagine that photographers may want to maintain different physical copies of photographs on separate media? Imagine that I'd like to keep a subset of my archive on a server, or external hard drive.. How is it possible that this is ...impossible? As much as I love the Virtual Copy in it's capacity to save HD space, we'd very much like to have the opposite too. A real copy, with 2 different entries in the catalog, or a Physical/Linked Copy that has one negative but two (raw) source files?


      - Moving/File Operations themselves:  So imagine I'm moving all the folders of one superfolder to a differently named one on a server. Because the root folder on the server already exist, I select the 40 folders I want to move and drag them to the folder on the server. Guess what. It starts copying the files to all folders- in parallel. The nightmare of any spinny disks, Lightroom creates 40 folders and as if distributing candy amongst kids starts putting one file in each. Then on to file no. 2. Everyone got 2 files? Yes? Here comes number three. 43 operations in process. WAT?


      Sorry, I'm letting off some steam whilst waiting until these 43 operations complete. (Yes, I don't dare to cancel these operations, because.. oh )

      And I'm probably doing something wrong or perhaps I don't grasp the logic properly. I'd be looking forward to any tips/hints.