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    Default "Send To" email address for save web form


      I need to use the save web form option to complete a section and email the partially completed form to another user to complete and submit to FormsCentral server.  I see you can have the user enter an email address and use that but I would like to be able to default to a "groupbox" to send the partially completed form.


      Is this possible?


      In a perfect world, I would like a user to fill out section 1, save and send to a group box, then another user complete section 2, save and send to a 3rd user who would then complete and submit.





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          brian.filipiak Level 2

          The only way to do this is to rely on the person completing section 1 to get the "saved form" e-mail and to forward that on to the e-mail address in question. You can include that e-mail address in that e-mail by clicking the Options tab for that form, clicking the Save Web Form option, and editing the Message to include the e-mail address... something like: "Thank you for completing Section One. Please forward this e-mail to <user@yourcompany.com>."


          Without doing that, the data is only held in a temporary dataset not associated with your form's dataset, and it will be deleted after the predetermined amount of time.


          There are more complex ways to try to make this all happen, involving a second (PDF-based) form into which you import data from the web form, and then Submit that new form to another dataset, but you can't do this with just FormsCentral alone, as far as I know.


          Hope that helps,