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    How do I strech a 4x3-compressed widescreen video back to 16x9?



      I have a video file where the 16x9 frame is compressed into a 4x3 frame (narrow faces!)

      How do I stretch it back out to a 16x9 frame (using PE12 or other tools)?


      I have recorded a HD television broadcast of a music performance on a Motorola VIP 1963 digital TV receiver with HDD.

      It is very important to get a decent quality video file of it - (to be edited and used as promotion for the musicians)).


      PROBLEM ONE: image frame proportions


      There is a SCART output and a HDMI output on the Motorola box.

      I took the signal via SCART cable to a SONY DVD recorder, thus producing a DVD.
      The DVD plays back fine on the TV (but not HD, of course)



      I took the DVD to my computer.

      There, the play-back on VLC shows a compressed 4x3 frame with narrow faces etc .

      Then I took it into Premiere Elements 12. Same result:

      The 16x9 image was compressed into 4x3. .


      1) HOW can I stretch the image back to 16x9?


      2) Could I have done the transfer in a more clever way? How?


      PROBLEM TWO: Image quality


      The quality cannot be HD, of course, when I use a DVD as the medium for the transfer.
      Would you recommend that I buy a BlueRay recorder and hook it up using the HDMI-socket on the Motorola box, and use a BlueRay disk for transfer?
      (I would have to buy a BlueRay drive for my computer too).

      Or have I overlooked a better solution?


      Thanks for helping.

      Knud Fjeldsted