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    Custom Signature Stamp on Page Range?


      Hi All!  I'm a novice PDF Creator and am developing my first PDF Form (i.e. I have no formal javascript training.   


      I have a 14 page Document, with Page 1 and 2 containing fields, dropdown boxes, and checkboxes that the User fills out.  Pages 3 - 14 contain duplicate information from the first 2 pages.  Based on the information on the first 2 pages, I would like various things to happen:    


      On Page 1, I have a dropdown menu with a list of 5 names.  After the user selects a Name, I would like to automatically add a Custom Transparent Signature Stamp to a specific Page Range (2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 9--i.e. the pages that require signatures).  The idea is that I need to have the same signature image (not verified or digital) appear on a page Range, not continuous pages, and not the entire document.  Even if I can’t link it  to the DropDown choice, how do I place the signature stamp image on range of pages? I saw Try67's previous post which worked great,  but that code applied the custom stamp to ALL pages.    


      Is any of this possible?    I appreciate your time and help!