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    Cannot get rid of folders in catalog when drive no longer exists


      I previously had pointed LR catalog to a folder where it imported all my photos from camera and arranged by date. The folder was on the drive F: Now I had to restore a backup onto a new drive, and it has the letter D. There is no longer drive F in the computer.


      When I opened the catalog, folder F and its subfolders showed with a question mark icon. I right-clicked the F, selected "Find missing folder..." and pointed it to D. LR immediately found all photos, and showed D and the same folder structure under it that I have selected on the late drive F (/lightroom and a few selected folders under it). This is all A-OK, but the F: still shows with question marks, and I cannot get rid of it! D: has a "green light" icon, and F has the "light" off. When I select D, the "-" button "Delete this folder" shows up, when I select the F, it disappears. When I right click the F item (or any subfolder) and select "Remove" from the menu, nothing happens.


      Looks like a bug. Is this F to stay there forever? Should I connect a USB disk, label it F nad try to get rid of the thing, or maybe there is a simpler solution?