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        TommyLogic Community Member
        yeah, I was just looking for a way to get the widgets in the favorites menu...

        But thanks for posting the mxp, that was helpful & solved a lot of issues I was having with the v.1.4

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          I have accidentally erased the wrong files in updating to 1.5. Yes I know I know I ws supposed to back them up, I didn't. How can I restore these? I tried repairing my installation but that didnt seem to work. ANy help would be greatly appreciated.

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            Community Member
            Hi. - First - Sorry - but my English is not quite well
            I have Adobe Creative Suite 3 Web Standard - there is a 1,4 ver Spry. I'm a web designer. I make www sites to my clients (personal and commercial www sites) Please tell me Can I use 1,4 spry on commercial site for my clients? Can I use 1,5 ver. Spry with Dreamveaver? I dont/t understand quite well spry license (my Engish is bad). Are Spry free for commercial use? Free to use on commercial web site? and Ajax free too for commercial sites to my clients?
            If Spry is free - What can I do to legal use Spry 1,5 in www pages for my comercial clients? I must write something in html code on site where I using Spry? Autors? Credits? Info about Spry? I post this here - because I think that you are OK in this theme. Please - answer me.

            By the way - Spry OK! :)
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              Donald Booth Community Member
              I think I replied to your blog comment too...
              Spry uses the BSD licence:
              You are free to use it on any site you wish. You only need to keep the comments at the top of the Spry files.
              This is the same for all versions of Spry.
              Hope this helps.
              • 44. Spry 1.5 and dw cs3
                Community Member
                OK - Realy - Big Thx for Your answer. Spry Team make realy good work for us! BIGThanks! You must be happy do your work for many many people on the world

                I now understand it. I don't must place info about use spry in html/xhtml file where spry is append
                This info must be append only in Spry js file (by the way - this info is there placed by Spry Team)

                I understand that this great and realy beautiful samples on site http://labs.adobe.com/technologies/spry/samples/ we can use in commercial or personal www sites too - this is perfect ! for me ! Thx !!! Thx !!! Thx !!!

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                  I followed SKEEZE advice in this posting, and my SPRY is messed up.

                  When I create a new and a new form and add the input type field, it doesn't give me that blueish outline anymore. The bleuish thing that you can edit to required or not field. I think that's what it is called.

                  Why is it like that? Can someone help with this matter please.

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                    Iam generally a php developer (using notepad2). I decided to get cs3 cause of photoshop and other seriously cool things that I saw at some demo's I attended.
                    Be buggered however if I can re-produce them. I worked out that to do some of it I needed spry 1.5 and changed that (thanks Don). But after sitting down and reading this string from start to end, I would have thought that after a few months, adobe would have come up with something.
                    I am still trying to get around using something with buttons to add feature and not just typing it in. and learning something new in spry. So I spend my time tring to work out if it is something I am doing wrong or if it is the program....
                    Are there any honest plans for something to come out to update the tool bar area on DW? I am trying to work out if I should keep wasting my time trying to get this to work and go back to what I know, or keep trying to persist with it (and extend my vocabulary).
                    After 3 or 4 months, is there an eta yet?
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                      Donald Booth Community Member
                      A couple points here:
                      First, here is a zip of a clean DW/configuration/Shared/Spry folder.
                      You can use it to get the blue outlines back.
                      Second, there is an extension I made for updating your Spry files:
                      Third: We will have a new extension for updating Spry files available when Spry 1.6 comes out, in a few weeks.
                      It will update the files for the existing features in DW CS3. It will not add new features.
                      Let me talk about that for a second.
                      There are legal/accounting rules that say something to the effect of:
                      "You cannot charge for a feature that was previously free."
                      That means that although it is possible for Adobe to build in support for new widgets into DW CS3, once we give them away as an extension, we can no longer build them into the next version, because you would have to pay to get them and that would break the rules.
                      So we can build it and give it away, but it must remain free. That being said, it takes a really long time to properly build in a widget into DW and there isn't a big chance that new widgets will be added mid-cycle. But don't think that we aren't looking at ways to improve this situation.
                      So, that doesn't mean that some extension developer can't make more widgets work in DW. We would love to see it.
                      Hope this helps,
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                        Community Member
                        Message deleted by author
                        Thx Don for your answer
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                          4Kathy Community Member
                          Flippin 'eck, thought all this was supposed to be easy!!!!!!!!!
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                            Arnout Kazemier Community Member

                            Originally posted by: 4Kathy
                            Flippin 'eck, thought all this was supposed to be easy!!!!!!!!!

                            download 1,6. it has the updater in the package. run it, tada
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                              Minding Community Member
                              A little detail please for the download:
                              1. It's zipped.
                              2. Once extracted the folder name is Spry_P1_6_10_01.
                              3. This folder needs to be extracted:
                              a. into the DW CS3 Configuration/Objects/Spry folder or
                              b. it replaces the Spry folder and needs to be renamed to 'Spry' or
                              c. it replaces the Spry folder and doesn't get renamed or
                              d. it goes somewhere else and some things need to be copied into the Spry folder to replace i) some files or ii) all files or iii) ????
                              e. none of the above

                              • 52. Re: Spry 1.5 and dw cs3
                                Donald Booth Community Member
                                Hi Minding,
                                1. Unzip the download.
                                2. Go into the 'dreamweaver' folder and doubleclick on the SpryIUpdater mxp file.
                                This will install the extension.
                                3. That's it.

                                Now, if you want to update your site SpryAssests files, go to Site > Spry Updater... and follow the dialog.
                                Hope this helps.
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                                  Minding Community Member
                                  Thanks Don. Worked like a champ! (But you knew it would.)
                                  • 54. Re: Spry 1.5 and dw cs3
                                    thanks very much for this ...it resolved me some issues
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                                      thank you very much
                                      • 56. Re: Spry 1.5 and dw cs3
                                        Sandman_777 Community Member
                                        How do you install the Spry framework on a Mac (Leopard).
                                        Which directories do the files go in, etc.?
                                        • 57. Re: Spry 1.5 and dw cs3
                                          Donald Booth Community Member
                                          If you download the Spry zip from Labs, it will contain an extension that will install all the files you need automatically!
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                                            got the same problem :(
                                            • 59. Re: Spry 1.5 and dw cs3
                                              Arnout Kazemier Community Member
                                              what problem...?
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