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    Open old file (version 2.0)


      Hi to all.

      First of all, sorry for my english, but i'm italian.

      A Few days ago, my notebook has left me without a reason.

      The installed version was the 2.0. (yes, it was an old notebook).

      I was working on a file (5 months of working).

      I tried to open this file with CS5 and CS4 (with computers of friends)...but there's no way...

      As shown in the picture below, at half of conversion, the program crashed. No way to go ahead (either with CS5 and CS4).

      There's a way to open this file?

      I don't want throw away 5 months of my life for a "stupid" program.

      Someone can help my? If you want I can send you the file (10 MB).


      Thanks in advance