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    Entire video is a red frame after export.


      I'm attempting to export my 4 minute video from premiere pro. I had an unusually hard time editing it in the first place because I kept getting the red screen glitch and jittery footage. But I know by the audio the video is what I want it to be.

      Now, I am a gamer so this footage I had was screen recorded from one of my game play seasions. The raw footage was about 30 minutes long. As soon as I imported the film into the project it immediately started lagging so badly. I know this isn't my computer's fault since it is a REALLY powerful computer.

      Anyway, in the end I tried looking up solutions to this fix but everything was about single frames of red throughout the video. I tried everything from rendering before exporting to exporting with various settings. The last time I did this my entire video was a red image.



      My audio was fine though so that's a plus!


      Your help is greatly appreciated!