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    New update for spry

    jclub Community Member
      I need to update the new release and instructions please. I have 1.4
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          cfjedimaster Adobe Employee
          When I updated - all I did was copy the files over. In general Spry is pretty backwards compatible.
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            Diana Ispas Community Member
            Hi jclub,

            If you are also a Dreamweaver user, you can use the Spry Updater extension that will help you to copy the new file by just pressing one button.
            You can give it a try from here.

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              Barascu Diana,

              I have a similiar question to jclub's. I have 1.4 and want to upgrade to 1.6.

              I downloaded the extenstion and files and it was successfully installed in my DW CS3. However, I do not see any new widgets on the tool bar, and I am confused on how to get them to appear on a new web page.

              I almost upgraded to 1.5 but I decided to wait, 'cause it seemed that you had to do some manually copy/pasting of files. (which scared me a bit)

              Is that still true? Do I need to copy/paste the ...configuration/shared/Spry folder in order for the new widgets and other stuff to work??
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                I dont think you get the new widgets in the widget tab bar of Dreamweaver (because those came built into dreamweaver). We will probably have to wait until the next release of dreamweaver to get them.


                p.s. there was a lot of discussion on this awhile back when 1.5 came out as well.
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                  distantskunk Community Member

                  So do you still have to copy/paste the new files into the Spry file on your hardrive? Or am I totally confused?


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                    ZeusChicago Community Member
                    No, The extention mentioned above by Barascu Diana does all the nasty copy stuff for you (yeah!) The only thing it does not do is add the new widget avaiable to the Spry bar in Dreamweaver.

                    If I remember correctly, Adobe/macromedia didnt build dreamweaver with that in mind (i.e. being able to add new widgets to that bar). I do remember someone saying they would pass that along to the developers in the hopes of being able to do that in the future (and by future they meant not anytime soon)

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                      distantskunk Community Member

                      Thank you so much. That helps a bunch in my new adventures with 1.6!

                      Whew! NO MOVING FILES! Yeah!

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                        ZeusChicago Community Member
                        please note. You do still have to update any sites your working on (i.e. live sites) with the lastest spry in the /SpryAssets folder that they usually get dropped into.
                        Any new sites you create after the update will have the updated 1.6 files, but existing ones wont. Hopefully that made sence.

                        i.e. the extention wont roll through all your configured sites and upload the new spry files for you.


                        p.s Be care when updating your live sites, ESPEICALLY if you have modified any of the CSS files with changes to the look/feel of the spry widgets.
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                          distantskunk Community Member

                          thanks for the heads up.

                          It looks like I need to do some more research.

                          Thanks again. !!
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                            distantskunk Community Member
                            Jedi Master,

                            Can you direct me to detailed directons of how you did that?

                            Much apprecieated!!