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    Time synchronization across browsers?




      I was wondering if this is possible.


      So basically I have two monitors (or more) showing a sequence of compositions. I need each monitor to show the content synchronized so that at any point in the compositions both monitors have the same content playing.

      So for example, if I have a playlist of compositions (I know how to do this) which has the following content which is played in sequence :


      Composition1 (15 seconds duration)

      Composition2(10 seconds duration)

      Composition3(6 seconds duration)


      If monitor1 has this playlist and monitor2 also has this playlist, on both screens they are playing exactly the same content.


      I was thinking about using web sockets to indicate to the server that both browsers have loaded their compositions (via compositionReadyEvent) and are waiting to start playing. Once the server knows that content has been loaded it could send a web socket message back to both browser to being playing their content. This would ensure they both start at the same time but my concern is whether they would go out of sync later on.


      What avenues should I research as in the future we may have more than two monitors that required synced content?