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    can't update flash player


      I am running windows vista 32-bit. I have flash player and am unable to update to in IE9. Chrome is not a problem and updates automatically. Google is also my default browser.


      In IE9, Active x filtering is NOT checked. In internet options, security and trusted sites - active scripting is enabled and security is set for medium.


      When I try to do the update, the update stalls on step 2. If I try to do it again I get a message that only a single instance of this application can run. If I clear it out of downloads and try again, it's just a vicioius cycle of same repeated problem.


      With the IE browser open I can check my version at Adobe site which verifies my present version. When I go to the help page, I get a black screen with blue words on the right. I have to scroll down very far to get the white page with the install info, etc.


      I had this problem quite a long time ago and used to be able to click on a direct link for ie. But I no longer am able to find that.


      Please help. Thank you.