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    Encore to After Effects transfer issues.

    JGYearZero Level 1

      I am working on a Mac, with Yosemite installed

      8gb ram

      1.  Opening After Effects to transfer a DVD file from Encore, this warning comes up.  "ray tracing requires an approved NVDIA card and for now will use the CPU"  and directs me to this link.

      It still allows me to open the program.  From this blog I don't think this is affecting the issues I am having.

      GPU (CUDA, OpenGL) features in After Effects CS6 and After Effects CC | After Effects region of interest


      2. When selecting - menu - Creating After effects composition -  from Encore.  The file that opens in After Effects changes from 16:3 to 4:3.  The composition settings are correct.  How do I correct this?


      3. When trying to transfer the saved AE file back to Encore the dynamic link does not register a file there at all.  When dragging the file directly from AE to Encore it states "The software that's used to decode the media is not available on this system, installing the correct decoders for the files you are working with may help correct the problem."


      Where do I find these decoders?