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    Lightroom won't launch


      Been using LR (latest update, think it's 5.7.1) on a Mac (latest Yosemite) without problems then this morning on checking the Creative Cloud apps it stated LR wasn't installed. Odd as I use it every day but thought it best to 'install' it from the CC app list to keep that up to date. The install took the normal few minutes and the CC app list states it is now installed but LR won't launch now. Went to the Adobe download page and that states that LR is downloading - but it isn't. Thought of uninstalling from the CC app list (which lists LR5 as installed) but the Manage Application drop down states that Uninstall Unavailable - that's for LR but that option is still available for the other CC apps.


      Can anyone help / advise please? Can't do any photo work at the moment without it!


      Thanks, Gary