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    Changing Visibility Based on Drop Down Menu


      I am making a QA sheet based on the customer selected in a drop down menu. So lets say I choose Customer_X, I would like it to show certain text / check boxes associated with that customer and hide text / check boxes that are not needed. I could also make multiple pages and have the company selection go to a specific page, whatever will be easier. I have very little experience with this so any help would be appreciated.


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          try67 MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          Here's some generic code to show/hide fields based on a selection. It should be used as the drop-down field's custom validation script:


          if (event.value=="Customer A") {

               this.getField("Text1").display = display.visible;

               this.getField("Text2").display = display.hidden;

               this.getField("CheckBox1").display = display.visible;
          } else if (event.value=="Customer B") {

               this.getField("Text1").display = display.hidden;

               this.getField("Text2").display = display.visible;

               this.getField("CheckBox1").display = display.hidden;



          You should also make sure you enable the option to commit the drop-down's selected value immediately, for it to work the moment a selection is made.