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    Import function becoming unresponsive

    C Hardcastle Level 1



      We're having a very strange issue on one of our workstations.


      After Effects CC 2014.2, Mac Pro (Late 2013) OSX 10.10.2 (this problem was present for us on previous versions of AE and OS).


      Basically you can be happily importing files into the Project. Double clicking in the window, command I or drag in - all work then suddenly the import window will stop appearing. If you double click in the project window or use command I - nothing. Completely dead. There doesn't seem to be any pattern to it in terms of how many imports. It can be after 3 or after 30 imports. Doesn't matter what you're importing. Various image types (jpg png tif etc), image sequences, movs will all come in fine then suddenly the import window is unresponsive. You can still drag files from the OSX Finder into the project window. Weird.


      This happens for local or network files.


      This was driving us mad so we completely reinstalled the machine, right down to reformatting the drive but the problem is back again. Reinstalled everything clean (i.e. not from any backup).


      We've got identical set ups on other machines, all of which are working fine so this is becoming a real mystery.


      Is there any way of monitoring what's going on in the background in After Effects? i.e. any kind of Terminal print out.


      We've tried resetting prefs, trashing caches etc.




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          Tim Kurkoski Adobe Employee

          Hi Chris,


          We have received reports from several users about this problem on Mac OS X 10.10, but we haven't yet understood the cause. We are unable to reproduce the problem and need more information from users about the conditions that lead to the problem occurring.


          It would be helpful to us if you could provide the following information:

          - a system report for your computer

          - an After Effects log file from when the problem occurs

          - a sample of the After Effects process log from when the problem occurs


          To gather this data, do the following:


          1. In After Effects, choose Help > Enable Logging. This will require you to restart After Effects.

          2. Open the Mac OS Activity Monitor (Applications > Utilities > Activity Monitor).

          3. Launch After Effects and work until the import problem occurs.

          4. When the problem occurs, STOP and do the following:

          - In After Effects, choose Help > Reveal Logging file.

          - In Activity Monitor, select Adobe After Effects CC 2014.2 (13.2), then click Sample Process. Save this file.

          5. To generate a system report, go to the Apple menu > About This Mac, click the System Report Button. Save this file.

          6. Send me these three files (After Effects Log.txt, the process sample, and the system report). Email them to this address, aebugs@adobe.com. Do not use a zip file, as those are blocked by our email filters.


          Thanks much.

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            C Hardcastle Level 1

            Hi Tim,


            Those files are on their way to you now.


            It seems this problem is not exclusive to AE (or Adobe) as similar behaviour is also happening in Maya and C4D so points to the OS. Weird thing is we've got identical hardware, OS, Software on several other machines that aren't experiencing this issue.

            Thanks for looking into it,


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              Tim Kurkoski Adobe Employee

              Thanks for the data, Chris. I received the files. We'll examine these to try to understand the problem.


              Thanks also for the note about Maya and Cinema 4D having similar issues; we've seen other reports that indicate that this problem affects multiple applications. We'll keep digging on our side.