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    PSD thumbs in Windows Explorer (8.1 64bit)

    TheLandOfDustin Level 2

      I am fully aware of the 3rd party plug-ins for the ability to view PSDs in Windows Explorer.


      I do not want to use 3rd party software.


      Why can't I view PSDs in explorer? Is this an Adobe or Microsoft issue?


      I pay a ton of money for this CC Subscription. This is a core feature that should just work. Period. In OS X, it seems PSD thumbs are a core part of Finder. Why not in Windows?


      Adobe, is there a private beta for Photoshop? Is this a feature that is known to Adobe? What can be done right now to fix the problem? Again, I do not want to use 3rd party software. Period.


      Bridge is an unacceptable alternative.






      Also, as a paying CC full-subscription customer, I should be given the option to EMAIL your support. (Suggestion Box)