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    How do I publish a video in flash from Premiere Elements 13?


      I've created a video I wish to publish on my website using flash, as I have with previous videos.  However, I no longer see flash as a choice unto itself.  If I choose "Flash Video for YouTube," the warning pops up that "The video duration exceeds the maximum duration supported by the destination."   It's not actually for YouTube, but I don't see any obvious was to create flash output other than for YouTube.


      In previous versions, flash output was an option with no (practical limit) on the output size.


      Is there some option/choice I'm missing?



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          A.T. Romano Level 7



          No flash video export and no workaround that I have ever seen for this Premiere Elements 13 situation.


          Premiere Elements 13 no longer offers the Publish+Share/Computer/Adobe Flash Video as last seen in version 12/12.1. It is what it is. No workarounds

          that I have seen. Even the webDVD feature has been removed from Premiere Elements 13.


          Other considerations in what you wrote

          a. Premiere Elements' built in feature has its file size and duration limits (for 13/13.1) 2.2 GB and 15 minutes. YouTube extended time accounts do not

          work in the Premiere Elements built in feature.

          b. Use of the YouTube preset "flash video for YouTube" uploads the Timeline content to YouTube where YouTube does the file conversion to flash format

          for display there. Any copies of your own uploads to YouTube have been available, but as .mp4 and not FLV or F4V.


          That is what I have been able to put together with regard to the questions that you presented.


          Any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.


          Thank you.



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            ABC_Digital Level 1

            Thank you, ATR.  That's what I suspected.  I also wondered about the format as the indication is the output is .h264, not flash.


            However, I did find the Adobe Media Encoder that allows file conversion and I'm trying that now, to convert an mpg file to flash.


            We'll see how that goes.


            Again, thank you for the quick response.