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    Missing New Document Window when opening new document, along with other menu items: Object style, effects panel, etc.


      I am missing many elements, it seems in my InDesign program.  How can this be?  I am taking a course at the local college (inDesign CS6), and when going through the book and steps, I keep noticing that I am missing things.  For example:  When I open a New Document - no new document window shows up on my screen, and there is no way to change the page size, etc that shows up. 2.) There is no Object Styles panel - Window>Styles>Object Styles - but the Object Styles option doesn't exist.  3.) There is no Effects panel to be found, either. As I continue the course, more and more things keep showing up like this.  What is going on?  I am not doing something wrong; my instructor verified that indeed these things seem to be missing.  I purchased the Adobe Creative Suite 6 Design & Web Premium disk for Windows OS.  Please help!


      I did have trouble installing the disk, but thanks to someone in the forum, I was able to drag everything to the desktop and it installed that way.  Could that be why this is happening?