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    frame delay set in frame animation changes after conversion to video timeline?


      hi everyone, i'm running photoshop cc on windows 7.


      i was trying to make a gif today and went about it the way i usually do - import video frames to layers (1 layer/frame of video), cut out the frames i don't want, then convert from frame animation to video timeline in order to apply filters. in this particular project i had set all frames to a delay of .04s, but when i converted to video timeline the gif seemed to run faster than it had in frame animation. i converted back to frame animation, and for some reason the delay had been changed to .03s - which i'm assuming accounts for the increase in gif speed. i tried inputting different values for frame delay, but they seem to all round to either .03s, .07s, or one of the preset values that appear when you click the dropdown box.


      this has never happened to me before. in fact i opened a gif i made recently that had a delay of .05s and once opened the delay had been changed to .07s - noticeably slower than the original gif (which i had opened in IE to compare). i have restarted pscc multiple times to no avail. in fact i just noticed that the "make frames from layers" tool is malfunctioning as well, instead of making one frame per layer, the frames are either blank or they all show the top layer.


      is this something that has happened to anyone else? if so, how to fix it? it's very frustrating because i need to be able to convert to video timeline for filters and to add text, which i can't do in frame animation.