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    How to take a screenshot in between running a script?

    Yawar Siddiqui Level 1



      I have a script that opens up files of specific type from a folder. What I need to automate is:

           - Open the file

           - Wait until the document is loaded and its content is visible

           - Take a screen shot at the above point

           - Close this document

           - Repeat the above process for next file


      Here's what I came up to achieve this








      where takescreenshot() calls a batch file to capture the screen at this moment. But the script is not solving its purpose - I get an unloaded document in the screenshot captured. I have 3 questions:

      1. Is there any provision to wait till the document is loaded?

      2. Is there any provision to capture the document window without depending on an external script to do so?

      3. Is there a better way to achieve this task


      SO Link: javascript - Taking a screenshot in Photoshop script - Stack Overflow