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      I have been attempting to download the Raw 8.7 update to PS and LR for several weeks. No Luck. Advise"

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          JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Have you tried this link?

          Camera Raw plug-in installer

          Incidentally, Camera Raw (the plug-in) has nothing at all to do with Lightroom. All of the raw processing technology is part of the Lightroom program.

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            ssprengel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            If you have the standalone LR version, then download and install the LR 5.7.1 update from here:




            If you have the CC Photography Plan then use the Install button next to Lightroom down below the main Apps list to update LR.


            If Jim’s and my links don’t work then please explain more details of what happens or doesn’t happen.

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              …and this is not the right forum to ask Lightroom questions anyway.  Lightroom has a separate, dedicated forum.


              Lightroom does not even use the Camera Raw plug-in in the first place, as Jim Hess indicates.

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                FishHunter53 Level 1

                Thanks for the heads up Jim, that worked. SSpriengel, it was the LR update vs the Raw, CC just showed them together. Station_two, why the attitude, dude? I just asked the question together.

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                  The forum FAQs advise you to focus on one issue or question per topic.


                  Your totally wrong comment about "attempting to download the Raw 8.7 update to PS and LR" clearly told me you were confused. For all I know you still may be.  If trying to clarify things for you is going to be construed by you as "attitude", frankly I don't care; that is your problem, not mine.