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    LR 5.7 "encountered an error when reading from its preview cache". Happened the other day, I went to a day old backup and continued working. But now it happened again. LR renamed the catalog "Lightroom 5_ANDERS-OFFICE8_Mar-15-230042-2015_Conflict".

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      I installed 5.7, ran ok for a while. Then it gave the error message that the preview cache was bad. A few times I have gotten this message and it restarts and repairs it. But now it couldn't. Renamed the Lightroom 5 catalog with the name "Lightroom 5_ANDERS-OFFICE8_Mar-15-230042-2015_Conflict". I got a backup and ran with that, and after a few days it happened again. It cannot repair and read the cache and shuts down.

      What should I do? I can probably go to a backup again, but I keep losing work. I now backup every day.

      But I need the system to be stable.


      This is Windows 8.1. Lots of RAM and disk space.